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Mark Biteler's Bio

An engineering graduate of the University of Illinois, Mark gave his life to Christ at the age of 18 in 1980 and has spent many years in the corporate business arena. Prior to dedicating all of his time to ministry in 2010, he was an organizational behavior management consultant for the leading firm in the field that supported large corporations. Part of this work led him to consult with a large global ministry to implement an approach that leveraged the use of structured and systematic encouragement with call center agents ministering on thousands of daily inbound and outbound calls. 

He began to pursue ministry training at Elim Bible Institute in Lima, NY in 1995. He then pursued additional training at Regent University where he had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit that birthed both a prophetic and revival ministry to students, faculty and staff at Regent from 1997 through 1999 that also included ministering in churches in Dover, DE and Atlanta, GA.  In 1996 the Lord released the first of many prophetic revelations concerning what He intends to do in America and around the world.

Late in 1999, the Lord called him back to ten additional years in the corporate arena. In 2006 he founded and facilitated the Executive Share Group (ESG) for training executives of large corporations in both the Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia areas. Corporate members included Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, Dominion Nuclear Power, U.S. Coast Guard, Norfolk Southern, Amerigroup, CMA CGM, Dominion Fossil/Hydro Power, Old Dominion University, University of Richmond, and others.

Leaving the consulting arena in 2009, he supported the leadership team in the re-establishment of church in Chesapeake, VA, preaching and ministering in the prophetic anointing. In 2011, the Lord called Mark to prepare for the launching of a new ministry dedicated to equipping the Church for the revival that the Lord has promised.  This was the birthing of Joshua Revival Project.

His ministry includes impartation of ministry gifts and callings that the Church needs to move forward in the Great Commission. His current mission is to sound a trumpet call to the Church and to move intentionally toward the outpouring that so many have prayed for and have prophesied about. His ministry includes revelation regarding how this outpouring will affect Church leaders and their congregations that will help them prepare and align themselves with the Lord’s plan and purpose. His message of love is a call to radical obedience and encouragement to help the Church to ‘cross over’ into all that Jesus purchased through His sacrifice on the cross. He brings a timely message and the presence of the Spirit to minister with signs and wonders following.
​April Turner's Bio

I was raised in a Christian home in which we attended church every Sunday. However, it was not until we moved to a new church where the word of God was preached that I remember being mesmerized by the Word of God. Hearing the Scriptures faithfully taught every week set me on a quest to know this God of the Scriptures. When I was sixteen, I attended a church camp. On August 8, 1986, through the love of my peers, and the drawing of the Spirit, I gave my life to Jesus. The moment I prayed and said, “God, I want what I have seen here this week. I want you to come into my heart,” I felt a flood of joy as such I had never felt before. Overwhelming love flooded over me. It felt like wave upon wave of liquid joy and love being poured out upon me. God placed a hunger in my heart for the Word. I enjoyed coming to church to learn more about Jesus through the Scriptures. I became a leader in the youth group, and felt a calling on my life. I didn’t know how to label it, I just felt called. I thought the calling may be to missions. There was a deep stirring in me even at this time for revival.

I attended college and became involved in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. While there, I led Bible studies and prayer meetings. We meet every week and prayed for revival on campus. I attended “Urbana,” InterVarsity’s Missions Conference held every three years. While there, I answered the call to go overseas. In the summer of 1991 I traveled to Kiev, Ukraine with thirty other students to study at Kiev State Pedagogical Institute. We led Bible studies for those learning English, and we lived with the Ukrainian students studying there. God used me, but I still wasn’t clear on the calling I felt from God. 
Upon graduation, I went on staff with InterVarsity where I led bible studies and prayer meetings at Illinois State University. I knew that whatever God was calling me to; he was calling me to the Word, to prayer and to revival. I came back to Marion and I became a part of the youth ministry team, and led bible studies with young women, and prayer meetings. The desire in my heart grew to become a woman of the Word and a woman of prayer. One day while I was in the prayer room, I had a vision of myself preaching and the fire of God being poured out on people. I saw people running to the altar to get saved and I saw many healed. I had never seen a vision before like that and it startled me. I had never, ever considered that God would use me to preach. It was at this time that I felt a strong call to revival – God was going to use me. I didn’t know how and I didn’t know when, but I knew he had called me to minister revival.

In the fall of 2001, I entered Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary because I wanted to grow in my knowledge of the Scriptures. I wanted to learn Greek and Hebrew. I went to Morocco in the summer of 2004 and worked with missionaries with Arab World Ministries. We were a small team of six students and we spent two weeks in intensive language study of the Tashelhyat language. We were then paired up with the native peoples in the High Atlas Mountains of Northern Morocco and spent four weeks living with them. It was a challenging and inspiring summer. God was continuing to burn a desire in me for the unreached and to never cease to pray for the harvest (Luke 10:2). I still felt a deep calling but felt like the call to missions was to be a sender and a pray-er. The word of God burned deep in my bones but I still did not know how to work that out in terms of a calling and a vocation. 

Upon graduation, I thought I would work and teach Bible studies and lead prayer meetings ‘on the side.’ As I pursued job opportunities, I felt a deep sadness in my heart. As I prayed for direction, wisdom and discernment, much to my surprise, the Lord provided an opportunity for me to fill in and preach at two small churches. They needed someone to go out and preach every week, and the District Superintendent asked me. I was terrified. The one thing I thought I would never be was a pastor. But as I went out and preached every Sunday, I realized that God had indeed called me to be a preacher. I served as a pastor in a mainline denomination for ten years. In 2015, God called me out. God led me to Mark and to Joshua Revival Project. In this ministry, I have the freedom to follow the Holy Spirit and equip others who God is calling out to be part of this mighty move of God. I have long desired to see a church who not only preaches the Word of God,but is also set on fire and equipped by the Holy Spirit to bring forth a harvest. I’m thankful to be part of Joshua Revival Project, which gives me that opportunity.